Stirrup steps for LNE hopper

Mark Heiden

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to determine the proper stirrup steps for a Lehigh & New
England twin bay, offset-side hopper. The car in question is from
series 13001-13350, delivered in 1939. There is a grainy builder's
photo from the 1940 Cyclopedia available on the pay side of the
NEB&W website at:

The vertical "legs" of stirrups appear to be straight and canted
slightly outwards, with two horizontal steps. However, later photos
of these cars from the 1960s show one "leg" offset towards the
center of the car, with two horizontal steps, like those that come
with the Atlas hopper. Were these cars delivered with one style of
steps, and then acquired another through rebuilds and repairs? What
would be correct for a car in the late 1940s?

Mark Heiden

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