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Fred in Vt. <pennsy@...>


I'll dig into the Keystones to look for the specific article & post back what I find.
The 2nd part is a question in as much as it appears from the thread that shipments originated on several east cost lines to major cities. The only one I'm sure of is the PRR, and their use of express hauling to market cities. Would it follow that perishables were expidited;in so far as originating road? On the PRR, they originated & delivered to final destinations; not the case where cars were interchanged by other roads.
Not being a proficient student of RR's south of DC, it becomes a question as to what & how from Fla. up the coast.

Fred Freitas

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From: Tim Gilbert
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Fred in Vt. wrote:

> Tim & Tom,
> The PRR Society's Keystone had an article abot the NJ peach
> crop, and the express service trains that hauled them to NYC &
> Phila.. Back about 4 years, IIRC.
> Would no doubt be safe in thinking that any seasonal
> consumable would have a schedule on most east coast RR's; be it
> reefer, ventilated, or insulated car.

1) When were these express service trains operated? Before or after trucks?
2) Express Service was not considered to be part of the Freight
Commodity Statistics.
3) Is the last sentence a question? Or a statement? Are you referring to
originating, through or terminating service?

Tim Gilbert

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