Re: Asparagus and Peaches in SC


Tom Madden wrote:

Also Long Island. I can remember them in the 1970s. Particularly, potatoes. They actually grew
peaches there too. My godfather used to work for NYS DOT and drove all around the island. He'd come
and drop off a basket or two of them in the late summer.

Eric Petersson

"They were called "truck farms", and there were quite a few in
northern & central New Jersey as well. Learned about them in
geography class in school back in the '40s and the term must have
made quite an impression on me as I still remember it. Along with
the interesting factoid that hemp was grown in the Yucatan and was
used for making rope.

All manner of fruits and (especially) vegetables was grown in New
Jersey truck farms, and in season there would be daily deliveries of
fresh produce to markets in nearby metropolitan areas. There were
(and still are) many roadside stands where motorists could purchase
directly from the growers. Our occasional driving trips to New York
City on Route 46 back then took us through some truck farming areas,
and I don't recall any facilities on the DL&W's old main line
through that same area, other than team tracks at Oxford and
Columbia, for handling such small-lot traffic. The idea of truck
farms was to be close enough to your market to get produce from
field to fork in just a few hours."

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