Re: Cal-Scale Express Reefer Underframe Detail Kit

Ben Brown

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Hello Ben,

You can view and print the Cal-Scale drawing from the Bowser Web
site at

So long,

Thanks to Andy, Mike, Andrew and Bruce for such quick replies. What I
am really looking for is definitive underframe photos or plans that
show the arrangement of brake, steam, and signal equipment under 50'
wood General American built express or milk cars. I have spent time on
my back photographing the undersides of both MDT and G-A steel cars
and have satisfied myself with those, but the more prevalent earlier
wood car has eluded me. The old Cal-Scale kit is the closest I could
recall. Actually, it is the back of the instruction sheet that has
more of what I am after and Bowser does not show that portion on the
web site. A friend who does model underframes has offered to send me a
copy by mail. I model in O Scale and it turns out to be very important
to make sure everything is in its proper place because one can readily
see under the models. There is a whole lot more there than the average
AB brake system under a boxcar.
Ben Brown

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