Re: P&LE open hoppers

Larry Kline

Fred Freitas asked:
While I have the 1953 ORER, I'm having difficulty figuring out what type hoppers were in the P&LE fleet for this time period. Does
anyone know of a reference book that has pix of the various types; ie: twin ribbed / off set >>> triple ribbed / off set ? TIA

Terry Link's web site (frequently referenced here by Ben Hom) has a very useful table listing NYC system freight cars including P&LE and PMcK&Y.

The lot number in the first column of the table is a link to a diagram that illustrates the car type. Note that the diagrams for early triple hoppers show a shallow double door center hopper. Most or all of these cars were rebuilt as conventional triple hoppers by 1953.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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