Making Decals

Paul Hillman

I'm still on this project of building a 38ft, red, wood, Swift
reefer. I finally found (1) set of the Champ decals for this car,
#HR-42, after a Nation-wide search. (Champ doesn't have them
anymore). #HR-40 for the yellow cars are still around at several
places and I got a set of those already.

I didn't find this car-type available from Westerfield or Funaro,
and I can't access the Sunshine list in the files section because I
don't have "Excell".

So, my next question is, how can I make decal-copies of these sets?
I have a Brothers, #MFC-420CN printer, and there has been some
discussion in the past about making one's own decals. I've never
tried this before.

Any info on this?? Thanks,

Paul Hillman

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