Re: New England Perishable Traffic

Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Jeff English wrote:

In 1961, the Rutland's last year, which was greatly depressed
compared to previous years, they delivered 39 loaded PFE
cars to the B&M at Bellows Falls, Vt. It was mostly lettuce
from southern California and Arizona, but also included
cabbage, onions, carrots, "canned vegetables" and frozen
potatoes. I have no explanation as to why these cars were
routed via the Rutland, but they were. Similarly, 13 loaded
SFRD cars were handled eastbound..

Also B&M delivered 6 westbound PFE cars returning west
loaded with "wrpg paper" bound for San Francisco. And
again, three loaded SFRD cars went west.

My data for 1961 is far more detailed than for earlier times. In
the last three months of 1942, 13 PFE empties and 11 SFRD
empties went west out of Alburgh, Vt. on Rutland's train
No.9. Two more westbound SFRD cars were loaded and
bound for unknown destinations west of the Rutland's
interchange with NYC at Norwood, N.Y. These western
reefers represent only about 2 cars a week, out of about 60
cars a day, so yes perishable traffic was sparse on the Rutland,
but it <did> exist and somebody found it a useful route.

Westbound Reefer Reloads of Wrapping Paper and other type Merchandise, I can understand, given the westbound differential rate via Rutland-Norwood-NYC-Suspension Bridge-Ontario-Michigan & points beyond.

Eastbound, I am at a loss except, maybe, that the formidable Rutland Sales Force scored again over the relative giants like the ERIE, D&H and B&M.

Tim Gilbert

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