Re: New England Perishable Traffic

Tim O'Connor


Westbound Reefer Reloads of Wrapping Paper and other type Merchandise,
I can understand, given the westbound differential rate via
Rutland-Norwood-NYC-Suspension Bridge-Ontario-Michigan & points beyond.

Eastbound, I am at a loss except, maybe, that the formidable Rutland
Sales Force scored again over the relative giants like the ERIE, D&H
and B&M.

Tim Gilbert


Who can really know the inscrutable mind of the traffic agent?

Sometimes I contemplate "dream routings" like SP to NP to MNS to
GBW (then by boat across Lake Michigan car ferry) to AA to GT to
CN to Rutland to CV to B&M to the New Haven.... Isn't it possible
some bored clerk would amuse himself devising the most god-awful
possible route allowed under available tariffs, just to prove it
could be done? Naturally, "perishables" by their nature made this
task more challenging...


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