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Thanks for the link. I've heard a lot about Sunshine and seen several of their built models. Apparently their adherence to authenticity is superb and the models look great. I've never yet built one though.

But, what is the complete "low-down" on Sunshine? They don't have a web-page? Do they have a picture-type catalog? How do you know what you're attempting to buy from them? They make a lot of stuff.

Paul Hillman

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>I'm still on this project of building a 38ft, red, wood, Swift
reefer. I finally found (1) set of the Champ decals for this car,
#HR-42, after a Nation-wide search. (Champ doesn't have them
anymore). #HR-40 for the yellow cars are still around at several
places and I got a set of those already.<

Try this site, it doesn't use excel.<>

It lists these Swift reefers made by Sunshine.

24.23 Swift 2500 series solid side sill meat reefers, with red banner and
giant white "Swift" 47-late 50s

24.24 Swift 2500 series solid side sill meat reefers, with white lettering
for red car and giant "Swift" late 49-early 60s

I don't know what these cars are or if the decals are still available.

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