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Paul Hillman

Sorry Jon, I guess I was too much into thinking in "reverse" and got your names switched.

I see now, maybe, what Art was talking about, through your explanation. That might work best on a 2-tone decal but would seem difficult to match a car-color.

Not trying to avoid doing trade with the decal firms, just dabbled for a second here trying to maybe make a "simple" copy of a rare decal? So far, it don't look that easy!!

Paul Hillman

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>Jon wrote,
", is still possible----------<
Art Griffin made that comment. I question if it would be possible to
ever match the paint on the car.
Reverse designing would make the lettering clear (allowing the white
decal to show). The color around the clear lettering would then be the
color of the car. Might be ok for pure black, maybe!

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