Re: [S-Scale Modeling] 2005 NASG Convention report from Altoona PA

Bob Werre

Hey Bill, Wow Bruce Springsteen--bet that was a rush! Not a bad shot of the chubby guy--to the close observer, I've had my name spelled wrong at nearly every convention, even on some awards I've gotten. Also BTW, my checkbook had to go back in my suitcase after the first couple of hours at the show. That gondola is a great looking car and it rolls very nicely too--great product! and I could hardly be considered a PRR fan.
Bob Werre

Bill Lane wrote:

Hi All,

I am finally back from over a week on the road at the NASG Convention with
an extra 2 days tacked on the end to go to Ohio to see my friend and a Bruce
Springsteen concert. I have thrown together some photos in no particular
order. (I took 1100 photos!)
Railfanning at Horseshoe Curve
The HO layout of Paul Gagermier
The great time we had at East Broad Top
Norfolk Southern tour of the former PRR Juanita Loco Shops
2 shots of Johnstown PA from the inclined plane including the 1 PRR Bridge
that withstood the 1889 flood.
Henry Streilein's American Flyer layout
A battle of the scratchbuilt electrics in the contest room. Keith Thompson's
PRR P5 and Ed Loizeaux's NYC CUT Loco were awesome! Actually Ed's was
display only.
The Altoona Model Train Museum S Gauge layout at Lakemont Park
The PRR "Queen Mary" FD2 flat car made into a stage (how sad!) at the
Altoona Railroad Museum
A line of new cars at Railcar America in Johnstown
3 shots of various Railfanning in downtown Altoona
Revisiting my old friend, an X29 in very good condition. I don't know what
its future is at this time.
The tour at Cassandra overlook
Dick Karnes with a NYC shirt on but thinking about the Mighty PRR. Matt
Lacko is telling him he should switch to the Red Team and leave the Gray
Team behind.
Dave Heine and Andy "Smoooth Jazz" Malette give an impromptu performance in
the lobby.
2005 was FINALLY our year at Pennsy S Models. We made it to "The Big Dance".
While the X29 project is not completed yet it is imminent. We had 4
different X29 versions on our table as well as the debut of our new logo. We
also made surprise introductions with 2 NEW cars, our second project the PRR
G26, and possible third project, (not committed yet) the N&W H9 hopper. We
may have had the only project debuts at the convention. We sold every G26 we
had with us within the first few hours.
Bob Werre has the honor of being Pennsy S Model's first Cash N Carry
customer with a G26. Thanks Bob! It is MOST appreciated. We plan on making
this our normal way to sell our cars! (:->) Dan and I were actually pounced
on while setting up the table and 4 G26 were gone before we were finished.
We could also get used to that as well.

This is just a small sample of the great time I had, but then again, it IS

Thank You,
Bill Lane

Modeling the Mighty Pennsy in S Scale in 1957

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