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Paul Hillman


TCG, Tucson, Cornelia & Gila Bend. I have a book, "The Pocket List", paperback, from around 1944 ( ? ), the first pages are missing, showing the TCG as, 44 mls, 1 Loco (Oil), Cars: 142 Frt, 3 Pass (incl. 2 Motor). H.M. Lavender, Pres...Douglas, Ariz.

This book was given to me by a railroad-man about 1960. Do you have any like it? It lists every US, Canadian & Mexican railroad, all of their miles, equip., offices, officers, etc. It's in sort of poor shape right now. But to date it, it lists the Union Pacific, Chairman of the Board as, W.A. Harriman, New York, N.Y.

You probably have the literature to confirm this dating??

Paul Hillman

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Paul Hillman wrote:
> There is a photograph of a really neat wooden boxcar at Castle
> Graphics. It is marked, T.C.G. #204, and has handgrabs and a step to
> the left of the door.
> Anymore info on this car and what road is T.C.G.?

It's "Tucson, Cornelia and Gila Bend." Many of its cars were
oddballs and in addition, didn't go off-line. This one is no exception.
Like most such cars, I would suggest it provides little guidance about
cars of its type and would most certainly be a peculiar modeling choice
(unless, of course, you're modeling the TCG or its connection with the
SP at Gila, Arizona).

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