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Paul Hillman

Gosh Stan, what a surprise!! I took a certain liking to this car and thought that it would be just "another obscure old car", from some long-lost railroad. What a wealth of history and detail about it you have. I guess I can now pretty easily build an accurate model of it.

I was going to scale a drawing of it from the photo using the Andrews trucks as a reference. Your dimensions will help a whole lot.

Too bad I still don't live in Phoenix, I could drive down to Ajo and see these cars. I live in Houston now though and can get down to Galveston to check out the car down there.

I guess that Coronado Scale Models doesn't have a web-page. I couldn't find one.

Thanks again, Paul Hillman

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TCG #205 is one of 2 cars on the TCG that came from the D&RGW. The
other car is #204. Both cars are still in storage at Ajo, AZ and may
go someday to a railroad museum in Tucson. Both were built by ACF in
1909, as D&RG series #62000-63499. The length to outside of end sills
is 37' 4". The center to center between bolsters is 26'-11 ½". The
D&RGW converted 20 of these cars to narrow gauge pipe hauling flats
in 1955, numbering them #6600-6619. Some can still be found at Chama
and Durango.

The TCG obtained the cars sometimes in the early 1940's. I once found
painted on the inside of one of them for "Sugar Loading Only" from
its days on the D&RGW.

It wouldn't surprise me to find these TCG cars in revenue service
sometimes in the 1940's to early 1950's, used between Ajo, AZ and the
P-D smelter in Douglas, AZ over the SP, before P-D built a new
smelter in Ajo. The TCG converted them to AB brakes, and kept all
dimensional and weight data painted on the sides until the later
years. Original listings in the ORER do NOT show them as "Freight
cars owned are not employed in commercial service". When I first saw
them in the early 1960's, they were painted a very bright oxide red.

TCG did have 138 concentrate hoppers used in interchange service over
the SP to Douglas, AZ before the Ajo smelter was built in the 1950's.

TCG is the official reporting marks for the Tucson, Cornelia & Gila
Bend. Listings in the ORER before the 1940's showed it as TC&G. I
think the town of Gila Bend was originally called just Gila, so this
is what the reported marks probably came from.

Another ex-D&RGW car from this same series is on display at the
railroad museum in Galveston, TX. But the D&RGW had originally sold
it to the U.S. Army, probably during WW-II. The Galveston museum
purchased this body from an individual in Phoenix, AZ. I originally
saw it used as a storage shed at a business across the street from
the SP Mesa, AZ depot. Then it had faded olive green paint, still
with some Army lettering. But all castings had D&RG cast into them.

Modelers should not ignore these "oddball" cars on shortlines. The
TCG also has a #203 boxcar that came from the WP. It is a Mt. Vernon
car built in 1927-1931. And some details suggest it might had been
one of the WP ventilator cars before rebuilding by the WP. A very
fine O scale and P:48 kit of this WP car is made by the San Juan Car
Co. And yes, I have already made one for TCG for a customer. And I
will be doing one for myself if I can come up with a 1940's picture.
Anyone out there seen one? The WP car is made in HO by Sunshine.

Stan Schwedler
Coronado Scale Models

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