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Michael Aufderheide

Tim and Peter,

Some kind soul posted the entire 1948 edition a while
ago. Does anyone recall its location on the web?

Mike Aufderheide

--- Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...> wrote:

PBowers wrote:

Over on the Railway-operations-industrial SIG list
there has been
discussions on loading long logs. What
documentation is available
outlining loading instructions for various

Are you referring to the AAR's "Rules Governing the
Loading of
Commodities on Open Top Cars?" These rules proscribe
the materials to
use to restrain the loads. Figure 29 on page 90 of
the 1942 Book shows
the loading of poles on one car, either a flat or a
drop end gon, with
the load overhanging a second car car. Figure 30 on
page 91 shows the
restraints for a two or three car load with the
bearing surface in the
middle of the two end flat cars. Figure 31 on page
92 shows the
restraints for a load on top of two other short
loads on a pair of flats
or drop end gons.

Tim Gilbert

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