Re: Anyone try slides?

Paul Hillman

No offense intended for ALL lawyers, of course, but there was a comedian who once said,

"One of the saddest things in the world, is to see a train-load of lawyers going over a cliff.....with ONE empty seat."

I used to be a judge in the State of Texas and have had experiences from both sides of the bench, myself, with these good-ole-boys. I've known some good ones.

In the Cinderella story, I believe it was the coach which turned into a pumpkin, and the coachmen that turned into rodents?

Paul Hillman

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Mike Brock writes-

>Now...hmmm. Not quite midnight. Should I or shouldn't I? Oh...hell, why >not?

>(long post)

>Only 27 minutes left until all the copyright lawyers turn into pumpkins. Too
>bad, I really would like an answer <g>.

It's great to have a List Owner who has read Machiavelli, and more
so, applies what he has learned with such enthusiasm.


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