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There's a photo of Ga-45 #182009 in the Nov/Dec, 1983 Model
RailroadING, on page 48. You can clearly see the two poke holes,
however the photo is not close enough to see any detail of these. But
the photo does show their location.
Going back to the June, 1979 issue of Prototype Modeler, there is
a good article on ATSF covered 2-bay hoppers by William C. Messecar.
There's a clear side view photo of a Ga-52 car (#182024) on page 6,
and nice, clear top view of a car on page 14, showing the roof seam
caps as well as details of the roof hatches. The hatches have pressed
raised panels similar to a Murphy rectangular roof. I don't know if
this is a Ga-52, but it does show the seam caps. There's a set of
plans scattered through the article. They're labeled "Class Ga-52" and
show the cutout side panels unique to these first two classes, however
they don't show any seam caps on the roof. So take them with a grain
of salt.
Finally, the author makes reference to a June, 1955 Model
RailroadER article which included a plan set for the Ga-45.

Hope this helps!
Phil Buchwald

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On Saturday, August 6, 2005, at 08:17 PM, Bruce Brantner wrote:

Two questions:
Does anyone know of any sources that I could find
photos of the ATSF open sided covered hoppers in the
1940-1950 era?

Secondly can anyone tell me what would be the proper
trucks for the Ga-42, 52, 58 and 65 classes.
If you're looking to do an open-sided Santa Fe car, the Ga-58 and Ga-65
should be eliminated as they had closed sides. A photo of a Ga-65
appears in Railmodel Journal Aug. 1991 (page 45) and a W. C. Whittaker
photo of a Ga-58 shows it had closed sides.

The Ga-42 isn't a covered hopper. You probably meant Ga-45, which was
an early covered hopper but with smaller hatches, 24" x 33" compared to
36" square hatches of the more common arrangement. The Ga-45s had open
sides but also had a pair of fittings on the sides that the other cars
don't have (called poke holes). Photos of the Ga-45 appear in the the
April 1991 RMJ.

The only Santa Fe open-sided car "closely matching" the 1,958 cu.ft.
cars offered by Kato and Bowser are the Ga-52s built by GATC in 1940.
However, I'm yet to find a photo of a car from the series. Chances are
good Richard has one or more. The GA-52s came with Barber Stabilized
S-2 trucks. Oh, I forgot to mention that the Ga-52 cars (as well as
many other Santa Fe 70-ton covered hoppers of this general type) had
roofs with seam caps, unlike the flat roofs on the Bowser and Kato
models. Martin Lofton offers cast urethane roofs for these cars with
seam caps. One year it came as a Naperville mini-kit complete with
Santa Fe decals. The kit conversion is meant to be used with the Bowser
Ed Hawkins

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