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This is a N&W Class BPa which has had roof hatches added and renumbered in series 70460-70499. The hatches were added at Roanoke Shops in 1951 for "Viscose." American Viscose had a plant in Roanoke and one in Front Royal, VA.

Originally, these cars were door and one-half Class BP, more closely to the PRR X28 rather than X29. The half-door was sealed in 1932-34; the cars lost the half-doors and the cars were made single door in 1940-42, and these were Class BPa.

I haven't been able to find anything more about these cars at the NWHS archives. American Viscose made rayon; it is possible these cars were used to load some by-product of that process.

If you go to my web site and click on the links, and then go to my model railroad, there is some additional information regarding American Viscose that has been compiled by one of my good friends who helps with my model railroad.

Jim Brewer

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There is a picture of the end of this car on page 46 of the N&W Vol1 in Color. It has ends that are like a PRR X29 and four hatches on the roof that appear to open with the hinges on the car sides, not towards the running board or toward the length of the car like a reefer (well, except for Santa Fe). Any idea what the car was converted to?

gary laakso
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