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Doug Brown <brown194@...>

Ambroid's GN wood express reefer had silk screened sides. Later,
Northeastern sold the kit with decals.

Doug Brown

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really-unusual Unicel kit has always intrigued me (I have a
*beautifully-built* mostly-completed model left to me in a bequest 31
years ago, but I am missing the decals); and when I return from
vacation I am sure that I will be looking at it again with renewed
interest (I may even think now how to apply some ice hatches!).

My recollection is that the kit included silk screened sides, unusual
for Ambroid but common for Mainline and similar kits.

I believe the "old" Walthers company (run by the original WKW) offered
Unicel decals, probably printed when Eisenhower was president.


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