Re: Our stashes of obsolete models (Was: ATSF class Bx-49)

pullmanboss <tgmadden@...>

Andy Miller:
And what do I do with all the old AHM/Rivarossi 12-1 I lovingly
detailed, painted and put interiors in? Or my Red Ball PRR R50b's,
my scratch built PRR B60s. And soon I will need the same answer for
my AHM/Rivarossi 10-6s. Siiigh!

To keep on subject for this list, I am sure I have lots of old TM,
and Athearn freight cars with hundred of hours in them to make them
acceptable. But they look like a compromise along side of IM, RC, and
Branchline cars.
Ah, grasshopper, I was referring to unbuilt or partially-built models,
not completed ones. Such models are burdened with the future
investment of time, which you may not choose to make if you can have a
much better model in less time. This becomes more of an issue once
your remaining available time can no longer be measured in decades.

Your completed models will serve as an example to future generations
of modelers who can look at them and ask, rhetorically, "You mean
_that_ was state of the art in 1995??" (Don't laugh - check out Paul
Larson's "supermodel" Swift reefer in a mid-50's issue of MR.)

Tom Madden

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