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Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

montydogsdad2 wrote:


The Carling car is #GARE 723 and the photo was in a 1931 General
American Tank car Ad book. So this car is original. The Labatt's
car is harder to pin down. There is data saying 1956 , but I can't
say that is the blt date as it doesn't say built. #GPEX 923.

GARE #724 was leased to the Sullivan Dairy in Chicago, and definitely was a milk car. It would appear that GARE #723 was a "promotional" piece by GATX saying how beer would be rushed to the US when Prohibition ended - or so I read into the 1931 text on page 83 of the GATX book.

Anyway, I suppose these GARE cars were transferred over to GPEX when the GATX and the Pfauldler Company got together and formed GPEX shortly after 1931.

Tim Gilbert

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