Re: Our stashes of obsolete models

Eric Hansmann <ehansmann@...>

--- Jim Hill wrote:

One good use for those obsolete, unwanted, un-needed and/or
surplus models
is to find a way to get them into the hands of young modelers or
to the hobby. You can find potential candidates for donations at
railroad clubs, boys and girls clubs, scout troops, schools, etc.

We built a 2x8 HO scale switching layout at our club. This is taken
on the road to all sorts of events. Typically, kids operate this
with a club member handy to suggest moves or make up a switch list.
Using these older cars from the closet renews the life on the Tyco,
AHM, Athearn and other makes that don't meet present muster. Kids
can also see the difference between what is on that switching layout
and what is on the display layout. I've discussed brake piping, box
car history, and other topics with several inquisitive youths.

Adults play at times as well. A couple of former Western Maryland
Railway employees ran the switching layout when we had a display in
Elkins, W. Va., last fall. They had a ball, even when they found
they couldn't run a flying switch.

Eric Hansmann
Morgantown, W. Va.

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