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Paul Hillman

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One good use for those obsolete, unwanted, un-needed and/or surplus models
is to find a way to get them into the hands of young modelers or newcomers
to the hobby. You can find potential candidates for donations at model
railroad clubs, boys and girls clubs, scout troops, schools, etc.

If the lure of a free kit results in a single convert to model railroading,
you'll have done the hobby -- and yourself -- a big favor.

Jim Hill
Madison WI

When I was a kid, my first RTR train-set was a Marx (O-gauge ?) for running under the Christmas tree, (like many of us.) I was ecstatic about running it and stopping at the station after 20+ loops on that oval of track. I didn't care at all about the "scale" of it, just the intrigue.

Later I wanted to get more "scale" and was given, again for Christmas, some Varney cars and an Athearn, rubber-band drive F-unit. I was very happy, screwing on the trucks & hook-horn couplers and then running my more "scale" trains.

Later, some of the hobby's true Master-builders got me interested into where I am today, a true scale-monger.

What Jim Hill has said here is right-on. Kids gotta start somewhere. Kid-sets we all know are built for rough handling and aren't to fine-scale, but when that kid asks, "How can I make mine look as real as yours?", we've got us another fine "rivet-counter" in the making.

Paul Hillman

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