Re: Our stashes of obsolete models (Was: ATSF class Bx-49)


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Without fail, you toss it out, and 3 weeks later an article appears
which uses said dumpster fodder as the starting point. Rather be
model retentive than the alternative.

Well, that's because a certain magazine has been sitting on the
relevant kitbashing article for the last ten years and finally has
decided to publish the material;-)

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Tom Madden confessed:

> My name is Tom, and I have a junk retention problem.........

We all do. I shudder to think how many old kits are in storage
at the moment, waiting for when I have time and space to try
and resurrect them. Yes, it would be better to toss the whole
lot into a dumpster, but there's something about throwing out
stuff that you spent your hard-earned cash on (no matter how
outdated it is now) that just goes against my (packrat) nature.

Shawn Beckert

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