Re: Weathering for Late Steam and Transition Era

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it is my impression that this kind of weathering is - in
general - "later" ... that it started to show up on the RRs in
the 70's. And, more importantly, that other than -sometimes-
having a lot of 'road grime' that locos and cars were kept in
fairly good condition thruout the 40's, 50's, and 60's.
Do you agree?

===> Hi, my name is Jim ...
and I have a "Hobby Shop in the Closet" problem.
The photos I have from the 50s and earlier show grimed over
lettering (they were behind steam engines after all)to the point
that they look faded. Tank cars are the worst with spilled oil
picking up grime. Cars in special service such as lime also show
spills. Only cars on the scrap line show rust blowouts and older
paint schemes showing through. A box car that didn't seal would not
qualify for a lot of better services. Modelers are sometimes guilty
of the "John Allen" look with cars that would not be left in service.

Hi, my name is Allen.. and I have taken the first step by promising
to take 4 large boxes to the local flea market and to share a table
thereby becoming a pusher.

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