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On Aug 11, 12:43pm, Gatwood, Elden wrote:
Subject: RE: [STMFC] Weathering for Late Steam and Transition Era
I would imagine, however, that in your area, things were very different.
The RRs there may not have been in huge financial trouble, you did not
have months of nothing by rain (made acidic by air contaminants), and
other things that would contribute to a situation like Pittsburgh in the
post-war period.

Do these comments about regional weathering apply only to certain types of
cars (e.g. hoppers)?

I would expect that free-roaming cars (box cars) would not show regional
weathering because they roamed "freely" across the U.S.A. I believe CIL 1
(a Monon box car) spent a LONG time traveling around the country before
coming back to the rust-belt industrial areas of Indiana.

So even if it's a PRR X29, it may have spent just as much time in the
desert southwest as a car from the FEC, MEC, or SP.

Do the photos and consist data back up my theory, or am I full of it?



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