Re: photoectched brake chains

Tim O'Connor

Cool Bill. I just ordered several sets... trying to get those
tiny bits of chain to stay in place is one of my least favorite
underframe detailing tasks.

Another item that would be useful -- the handholds for the
laterals on box car running boards. I currently have to bend
wire to fit and then use another wire with a flattened, bent
over end to serve as the post. It's really tedious to make
but looks a hundred times better than using eye bolts. I
think it would be possible to make a one-size fits all.

Tim O'Connor

Since I was the person that I think suggested and provoked their
production, I suggest checking out this website for some really fine
rendering of brake chains. It has been awile since I had checked Burl's
website and was surprised and pleased to see they had come to fruition.

Bill Welch

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