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Subject: Re: [STMFC] Weathering for Late Steam and Transition Era

Would it not be true that the weathering will reflect the last
area of the country the car passed through? So, apply the base for your
area in lighter tones, then add for the part of the country in which it
has returned from.

I don't know; all I've got are [educated?] guesses.

As to your question, I think some of it depends on the nature of
the weathering: a week in Arizona is not going to fade the paint
appreciably. However, a day in cement service will cover a car in white

My guess is that we can weather box cars pretty much randomly,
without regard to the location of the home road. Age and car design are
the only things we need to worry about (e.g. X29's tended to rust out at
the bottom of the side, due to a design flaw).

My problem is that I do not have a photo collection, so I cannot
verify my guesses. I'm hoping that those listmembers who DO have piles of
frt car photos can comment on this.



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