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Paul Hillman

To all our fellows,

Hey,...I'm pushin' to be 60 yrs old. When I was first into model
railroading, in the '50's, and "plastics" (shriek!!) began to come
into existence, I remember a great discontent, amongst the modellers,
against it back then in the various publications.

"Real" railroad cars were made of metal & wood and so should be the
models!!!!, was their demand. "Plastic" was a dirty word!! Perhaps
that is why Athearn made metal sided cars and Ulrich did metal
castings. I think that back then, "resin" would have been rejected
also. Metal-castings & brass for engines was "perfect", but
Plastic's were "junk"!!

Alan Armitage came out with articles about his beautiful work in
plastic, and given enough time "Plastics" became a hobby norm.

If we want to be truly realistic, as did those '50's "non-
conformists", we should build in the original materials of the
prototypes, instead of pseudonym's. (Basswood grains in N & HO are
out of scale, but improve in S, O & G, but..whatever.)

So,...don't ever throw out old ideas. Perhaps soon, some "space-age"
method may be developed whereby scale-steel might be able to be cast
as are plastics & resins now and we'll have an attempt at truly
scale, scale cars again.

Remembering the past helps define our future. Our "old stuff" helps
us remember.

Paul Hillman

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