Re: Santa Fe Freight Car Folios

Keith Jordan

Did the Santa Fe ever produce a freightcar diagram book for
the 1950's, or any other time period, for that matter?

Obviously Mssr's Hendrickson, Jordan, got the material
for their books from an original source, yet I've never seen
such a publication at any swap meet that I've ever attended.

Do any originals still exist?

Shawn Beckert
Shawn asks about Santa Fe freight car diagram books. Yes, they did produce
one, it was called a Freight Car Folio. They were about the size Paul
Hillman mentioned--12x16--and were grouped by car type. They included a
drawing, which could range from precise to crude, and had all the
measurements and data that would be needed, especially those used by the
ORER. They were drawn in house, ink on linen, but were reproduced
(mimeographed?) all over the system. I've found them available at various
meets, but typically they cover the later cars, since they're leftover from
the '70s, '80s and '90s.

There were other Folios which covered other aspects of freight equipment,
such as appliances and their application, plus ones which were, in essence,
rosters showing the cars and their totals. The old Santa Fe Modelers
Organization produced two of those, one for 1945 and one for 1951. They're
no longer available.

I have one of the original "obsolete" Freight Car Folio books, which has all
the linen drawings and has all the car classes, some which eventually became
obsolete, thus the name. (They were noted by the word obsolete and a date.)
It was given to me by someone who worked in the drafting department, the
folks who did the drawings.

One of these days, I'll get the thing scanned, page by page and make it
available somehow. In the meantime, I've got a layout to populate with all
those accumulated Sunshine/Westerfield/Branchline/Red Caboose/IMRC cars in
my storage closet!

If there's a particular class you're looking for Shawn, I might be able to
scan that page for you. Matt Zebrowski has the book for now, so I can
contact him to do it.

Keith Jordan

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