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John Degnan <RailScaler@...>

The Kato has rotating caps and so they don't roll all that well...
Say what? My experience with these Kato trucks (both types) is that they are the absolute best rolling trucks availible... bar NONE! The only draw-back to them as far as I am concerned is that the side-frames and bolsters are a one-piece design. If you're really having a problem with them rolling, try sliding the "caps" out from the sideframe a bit on the axle... it could be that the "caps" are pressing against the sideframes and causing drag.

John Degnan
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If you want 70 ton trucks, the best RB ASF A-3's are made by
Kato and Kadee. The Kato has rotating caps and so they don't
roll all that well but they are pretty.

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