Re: Weathering for Late Steam and Transition Era

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Jeff Aley says:

[This is the part where Mike Brock steps in and points out that
hoppers DID roam somewhat, but I think my point still stands.]
Yawnnnn. Hmmm...Did someone call? Roaming hopper? Certainly...depending upon the hopper AND the location. It's my guess that UP hoppers...and those of most other western RRs...didn't stray far from home rails. Those of the RRs of the "midwest" did roam a bit. Mopac, Q, B&O, NYC, IC among other RRs, served the southern Illinois coal fields and, apparently, this coal went into a very wide area. I have photos of Mopac hoppers in Laramie [ not a single car either ] and in Great Lake ports. B&O carried such coal into the Great Lakes. However, the really active roamers were those of N&W, L&N, WM, and Pennsy. As I have documented an ad naseum number of times, in '49 more N&W transported coal went into the midwest...Illinois, Ohio, Mich, Indiana...than went through Norfolk. Since N&W rails didn't serve much of this area, its cars roamed. In fact, they roamed all over the area. L&N transported coal likewise went off line as did that of WM...and several others.


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