Re: Weathering for Late Steam and Transition Era

Schuyler Larrabee

Mike Brock:


5. Having been drenched by cinders and soot from UP 3985
while in coal burning service, there can be little doubt that
such locomotives applied such coverings to anything within
several hundred feet. Even in the 80's one could find the
sides of railroad cuts in Wyoming exhibiting a black covering
from yrs of smoke and cinders.
An inverse example: I have a photo of the Salamanca NY coal dock on the ERIE taken, I'm guessing,
about 1940 +/-. It is BLACK, dead flat black, a veritable black hole for light. I have my own
photos taken of the stripped hulk of the same structure, taken in the late 70s and into the 80s. It
is now (still stands I believe) basically a light pinkish tan color of old concrete. Years of rain
have "unweathered" the concrete parts that are left.


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