Re: rusty vs grimy wheels, was: Weathering for Late Steam

Bruce Smith <smithbf@...>

On Thu, August 11, 2005 11:35 pm, tyesac@... wrote:
Great point, one that I've overlooked on many of my models. One question
have is in regard to the brine mixture used in iced reefers, wouldn't
that contribute a rusty shade to those cars? I know of that the brine
to the corrosion of structural components of the cars, and led to more
prominent extensions of the drain chutes in later year of the ice cooled
Given the general oilyness of the trucks and underbody, and having looked
at more than a few photos, I would say that rust was not the most common
color... Rather, I usually dry brush some white around the drains, and
onto that end of the truck to represent the dried salt left by
evaporation. I also add some "salt" residue around the bunker doors.


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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