Re: Santa Fe Freigtht Car Folio Sheet Source

Shawn Beckert

Don Smith wrote:

Hi, Copies of the subject sheets are available from Russell Crump at:
After you access his website one must download Adobe Reader to access
the folio sheet files. The available sheets cover a wide range of
ATSF freight cars. For example, I've purchased copies of all ATSF
covered hoppers folio sheets from 1940 to 1980. Copies of the the
sheest are $0.50 each. I'd suggest you log on to the site to determine
what is available. Regards, Don Smith

Thanks very much for pointing out Russell Crump's web site. That's one
heck of an archive he's put together. Much of what I'm looking for is
available to be copied; I'll be sending Russell a check in short order.


There are still some needed bits of information that I'm not seeing at
Russell's site, so I'll be contacting you off-list to let you know what
I'm after.

Thanks guys,

Shawn Beckert

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