John Allen.Was: Weathering for Late Steam and Transition Era

Paul Hillman

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

(John) Allen then adopted advanced decrepitude and
made it fashionable because his modeling was inclined more to
quaintness and caricature than to realism (and in that respect I think
he set the hobby back at least twenty years).

Tony Thompson wrote:

One can still regret, of course, that some modelers took (John) Allen literally.


My response,

John Allen brought fun into model railroading, (Something wrong with that?), with his hand-made track-crews in sombreros, pigeons (and their droppings) on the roof, sway-belly cars and much more. But he also was a general fine-craftsman who said that he really preferred the big-steam, but for space-considerations had to down-size his RR ambitions, as many of us have to. He also had plenty of "authentic" cars, engines and scenery.

I personally saw John's G&D in Monterey, CA, and was nicely impressed. It was one of the best railroads in existence at the time.

John Allen is one of this hobby's great "patriarchs" and legends. I don't care WHAT'S said of his work!! I think he was spectacular. His being one of the great innovators has lead most of us to where we are today,....better-than-ever, all-time "pros"!!

Paul Hillman

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