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You didn't do your industrial switching with a numbered stegosaurus, did
you? How would one put a DCC decoder in one today? ;-)


Andy Miller

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Paul Hillman wrote

John Allen brought fun into model railroading...
As a kid in the 1960's I read my father's entire collection
of MR's Trains and RMC's from the 40's and 50's and once those
Varney ads starting showing up with John Allen's photos I was
hooked! Nothing grabbed my imagination more than his scenes
packed with details and even, shall we say, a narrative? That
is to say, he was telling a story - fiction, no doubt - but it
was a good story and I think it inspired many people to strive
to become better modelers.

I say this even though I never was interested in John's style
of modeling. I was far more interested in Frank Ellison's Delta
Lines: complex, realistic, mainline operations-oriented layout.

Tim O'Connor

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