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Paul Hillman

OK boys, actual freight-car question!!

I can't find the appropriate data I seek concerning Andrews trucks.

I have various pairs of HO, standard-gauge, Andrews (type) trucks.

One set has a "flatish" top contour and measures, like, 5'-3"
journal center to center. I don't know where these came from but are
on my Suncoast, ATSF, BX-3. They were cast in grey plastic.

The other Andrews (type), came with a Walthers stock-car kit. They
have a more "arched" top, like a Bettendorf, and measure, like, 5'-4
1/2", journal center to center. They were cast in brown plastic.

Then there's also the PRR "Crown" type ( ? ), which I don't believe
I have any of.

Where's there a page, etc., on Andrews types??

Thanks, Paul Hillman

PS) Please excuse the "California Jargon" use of the word, "like".

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