Re: Stupid eBay Tricks

David Ball

Call me a cold hard capitalist, but if the bidder is prepared to bid the
price, they must be happy (at that point) to pay the price (and we haven't
seen the end price yet!).

It would only take a quick Goggle search to find Al's website, even if you
didn't know it exists

As an aside, not living in the US, I am prepared to pay an inflated price
for a Sunshine kit on eBay because:
1. You actually know your going to get it in a week.
2. Since (and please correct me if I'm wrong), you can't get Sunshine kits
by paying by credit card or Paypal, I would have to get an international
bank cheque/money order. Therefore I'm prepared to factor that cost into a
bid price
3. I don't have access to other secondary markets other than the likes of
this list. In fact for that matter I don't have access to getting them
direct in anyway other that mail order (ie, meets, etc)

David Ball
(from across the Pacific, and down a bit)


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Sent: Wednesday, 17 August 2005 4:09 a.m.
Subject: [STMFC] Stupid eBay Tricks

Today's latest example of not thinking:

A $33 bid on an available $30 kit that Al Westerfield gets in your
mailbox in less than a week. If the bidder is on this list, you might
want to reconsider - the saddest part about the escalation of resin kit
prices on the secondary market (especially Sunshine) is that the
manufacturer never sees a dime of these inflated prices.

Ben Hom



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