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Rob & Bev Manley

I have stripped my Stewart FTs for the 3rd time with brake fluid.
They were undecs originally and I've painted them with a Testore Model Master enamel mix first and lastly with Poly Scale Antique white.
The Antique White is real close to Genesis CB&Q Aluminum. At least to me.
The point is that it didn't fracture the Shell's plastic or the Evergreen Styrene plastic I used to fill the gaps in the dynamic hatch. I've had break fluid ruin some plastic and learned the hard way to NOT use it in an Ultrasonic unit. Some old AHM stuff turned into a horrible mess.
Always wear gloves, don't get it on your skin.
It won't blast that goop Walthers used on thier SP SW1 and some ot the newer painted engines or cars. I've had good luck with Branchline boxcars and Pullman cars. Some colors are harder to strip than others like the MEC yellow car, FC reds usually strip fine.
It will work good at first and deteriorate in strength if left open. I put mine in a tupperware type container.
Two things to remember. It's cheap and dangerous.
Remember, Model railroading is FUN
and dangerous.
Rob Manley

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Need help in removing paint from plastic shells.

I know it isn't steam freight cars but i have a Stewart diesel sheel that i
need to strip.

Any help on what to use?



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