Re: Stupid eBay Tricks


David Ball wrote:

"As an aside, not living in the US, I am prepared to pay an inflated
price for a Sunshine kit on eBay because:
1. You actually know your going to get it in a week."

That's not necessarily so.

I bought a Detail Associates gondola last year off Ebay. I never got
it. The seller sent it and had a delivery receipt from the USPS.
However, it was one of their delivery confirmation where no one is
required to sign for the package. Is it's the equvilent of the old'
the dog ate my homework' chestnut. It might actualy have been
delivered as the quality of the management of my former abode left a
lot to be desire. I just didn't get it.

It was also compounded by the seller never responding to my repeated
[month and a half] emails as to when he was going to send me my kit.
The guy was nice enough to offer me another kit to replace the lost
one. So I'm the owner of an old Walthers stamped side HW coach kit.
It's okay but not what I wanted.

Just because you win the auction and have the item sent to you
doesn't mean you're ever going to see it in your hot little hands.

Eric Petersson

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