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Paul Hillman


HUM!!!??? That just brought up another interesting thought to me. Wouldn't it be more true to scale-weight then, to know the prototype-car's empty weight, divide that by the cube of 87.1, (or some other scale ratio) and weight the car accordingly, rather than per the NMRA tables, eventhough they're a pretty good, "ball-park" figure?

Paul Hillman

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Paul Hillman wrote:
> Say, in HO scale, 87.1:1, we physically scale-down the prototype
> dimensions by that ratio. What if the car were built of the exact same
> materials as the prototype, would the weight scale-down by 87.1 also?

No, it would scale by the volume, which goes as the cube root
of the scale. That would make it roughly 1.5 to 2 ounces.

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