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Don't forget that you will have to think on the locomotive drawbar pulling power also.
Precision scale and Intermountain makes wheel sets with ball bearings and don't forget to replace the coil springs on the steam locomotives bearings .
The correct springs allows you to raise one driving wheel without lifting the locomotive.
Doing that you garantee that all drivers have the same adesion tp the track and you will pull twice as much cars.
Marcelo Lordeiro

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HUM!!!??? That just brought up another interesting thought to me. Wouldn't it be more true to scale-weight then, to know the prototype-car's empty weight, divide that by the cube of 87.1, (or some other scale ratio) and weight the car accordingly, rather than per the NMRA tables, eventhough they're a pretty good, "ball-park" figure?

Paul Hillman
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Paul Hillman wrote:
> Say, in HO scale, 87.1:1, we physically scale-down the prototype
> dimensions by that ratio. What if the car were built of the exact same
> materials as the prototype, would the weight scale-down by 87.1 also?

No, it would scale by the volume, which goes as the cube root
of the scale. That would make it roughly 1.5 to 2 ounces.

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