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Great coal data, Tim!

Why was so little anthracite used in the midwest, compared
to NY/NJ/PA? I thought that people really liked burning that
sort of coal in their furnaces. Were there sources of anthracite
closer to OH/IN/IL/MI etc or did the people there just burn
regular bituminous (or low sulfur bituminous) at home? Was
it so expensive to ship anthracite by rail from PA to Ohio?
Je ne sais pas.

Tim Gilbert

Upon further review, I remember that in 1966-67 when I was living in a
basement apartment in Marietta OH, the apartment was heated by a rather
archaic open flame gas heater: - the gas being piped in (vs. a propane
tank). That gas heater was a cast iron antique even in 1967. I don't
remember whether the gas was natural, or provided by a gasification
process. The coal mined locally in southeastern Ohio did have a high
sulfur content.

Tim Gilbert

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