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Miller,Andrew S. <asmiller@...>

The corner grabs I have are made by Tichy. I don't recall if they are
equal leg or not. So I can't say whether they are the same as either of
those you have. They are made from a hard copper .010 wire.


Andy Miller

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Sometime ago I purchased several packages of corner
grabs for running boards. There were two styles of
grabs. in one of the packages the legs on the corner
grabs were equal in length. The other style, in
another package; one leg was longer then the other.

I am trying to find out who manufactures the second
style of grab. The short leg of the corner grab would
be over the side of the car. Any help would be


Bruce R. Brantner, Sr.
Coyote Trails RR
Coyote Div. of SF RR

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