Re: Freight Car Movements Across the United States c.1910

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Yeah, sure he really contributed a lot with the garbage he was
putting out. Thanx for piling on.

Art Griffin

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Art Griffin wrote:
I made the observation that the Maine Central car was a long way
from home. I did not ask a question. It goes without comment
anyone else can make a comment about the era if they so choose.
you have nothing to contribute, why all this hostility? I
believe your comments are insulting and I *DO NOT * have to
formulate an opinion or a theory or even ask for one. Are you now
the conscience of this group? This is bordering on a flame And I
hope Mike Reads this. Because you are really out of line.
Talk about hostility!! Sorry, Art, I didn't read that into
Gilbert's comments at all. Tim has provided barrels of information
many, many questions on this list, and as I read his remarks, he
trying to find out what your question was so he could try to
answer it.
Insulting? Hello!?! If I were Mike I'd reprimand YOU.

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