Re: Scale Weights - Doubt It

Paul Hillman

Tony Thompson wrote;

"As we saw a few days ago, the NMRA weights are not inconsistent with a loaded car."
That's my whole point. For the purpose of getting good model operation, the NMRA did extensive research into determining their recommended weights. Out of shear coincidence ( ? ) their figures are consistent with loaded car-weights?

This merely proves the issue that, in order to make my cars run well, they are NOT 10 times scale-weight, but very close to prototype-weight for loaded cars. If the weight of a loaded car is what is needed to make trains run right, then fine and so be it!!, because, we do not actually load and unload our cars, except for flats, gons & hoppers, unless one has Lionel or other, magnetic cow-loaders, etc.

OK!!! So the final answer/statement to "scale-weights" can be, as I HAVE been asked before;

Question: "How much does a real car weigh? Aren't these models really light compared to the real thing?"

Answer: "No, they're actually very close to the scale-weight of a loaded railroad car. We figure these weights from the weight of a loaded-car even-though not all cars are actually loaded on a train. But, it gives us the best operation and is a compromise.

Then, Tom Jones III wrote:

"The concept of "Scale Weight" really is a dead end, in my opinion."

Well not to me!!

OK, I've heard enough about scale-weights. I got my answers. Thanks!!

Paul Hillman

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