Re: Scale Weights - Doubt It

Paul Hillman

Tim Gilbert wrote;

"What is the prototypical weight for a loaded car? Consider the following
tons per carload for sundry commodities in 1956" :

Wheat 54.52 tons per carload
Cotton in Bales 19.92 tons per carload
Oranges & Grapefruit 21.33 tons per carload
Lettuce 12.81 tons per carload
Potatoes Other Than Sweet 18.99 tons per carload

etc., etc.

My initial analysis was based solely upon MAXIMUM car gross weight. It doesn't matter what the load was. It could be lead or feathers.

The statement might better be worded as saying, " the NMRA weights are not inconsistent with the "MAXIMUM WEIGHT" of a loaded car."

Paul Hillman

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