PRR H21d photos

Bill Lane <billlane@...>

Hi All,

With the H21 starting on the PRR Pro group soon, I thought that someone might want
to do the H21d. I recently won the complete Builders Photo 4 view set in a
hard fought eBay battle.
Sorry if I outbid you but at least you know where they are now. They are
photos E9908 E9909 E9910 & E9912.

As most of you know I am always good to give out photos to help out on
projects, but these photos cost me a little more then usual. I would just
like to recoup on that a little. I am offering the 4 glossy photo set
printed at 8 x 10 from my Epson 2200 photo printer for $22.00 mailing
included. I scanned them at 150% at 800 DPI and cleaned them up in
Photoshop. Some of the side photos (E9908) I have seen were printed from a
negative that is disintegrating. This side shot is complete and undamaged.

I can accept PayPal if your account is NOT linked to a credit card. You must
have cash in your PayPal account. My PayPal ID is this email address

Thank You,
Bill Lane

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