Re: M&StL 50 fters

Tim O'Connor

Clark, I would love to see a model of this car, since evidently
they ran on the SP in the 1960 era. Can you post a photo?
Does it have tab sills, taper sills (what style?) Does it match
either the Intermountain or any Kadee version?

Tim O.

Tony wrote:
There were canneries in East Oakland and one on Alameda in
1940s. Elden's idea may well explain what that car was doing in
(if it came there directly from Weirton).
I have been informed by an expert that they cars had 9' doors not 8'
as I had first mentioned.

Thanks for all the great replies. I think it is safe to assume
(using the CGW car assignments as a guide) these cars were purchased
for the Weirton pool and could have traveled anywhere in the country.
They were fortunately photograghed in Alameda. BTW they are not
coupled together, but in separate photos.
All agree, raise your many of you acually did? How many
of you would like to see models of these bright red cars with black
ends and 10'6" M dot ST L on the left and the road name in a white
horizonal stripe on the right with a diagonal stripe with Damage Free
in it?

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