CGW ore

rockroll50401 <cepropst@...>

By the way, Clark, I know that the CGW billed some of its ore
hoppers to South Freeport for handling by the IC and I think it billed
some to Galena for the Q. Either line had a way from said locations
to East St. Louis. Yes, and some probably went to Marshalltown and
was turned over to the M&StL.

Chet has provided great indepth information on the ore interchange
at S Freeport. I have records that ore traveled on the M&StL. I have
drawn a blank of the Q. They got it at East Dubuque. Most times
brought over from Fairgrounds yard by the Chicago Passenger train. I
need info on where exactly the Q got the ore and what they did with
it? In other words, how they handled the ore traffic to Granite City.
Thanks for any info on this subject,
Clark Propst
PS There's a new IT book with a photo of two of their geeps pulling
CGW 3 bay hoppers loaded with...what else? Ore of course. Thanks to
eagle eye French for finding that one.

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